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Reform Vision was founded in 2019 we couldn’t believe how revolutionary it could be in the eye care industry. We understand when people are frustrated with their vision correction and how little help could impact their quality of life.

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We believe in researches and bringing you the best amongst them.

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What we prescribe is what you need after complete eye examination.

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Customised Scleral Lens, and Speciality Contact Lens, Customised Artificial Eye, Ortho-K and much more

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Our Specialty Services

Reform Vision provide a wide range of eye care services. General eye examinations, specialty contact lenses, custom-made artificial eyes, low vision aids and vision treatment are among the services we provide.

Scleral Lens

Scleral lenses have a larger diameter medical devices and are useful in addressing visual difficulties caused by corneal disorders such as keratoconus, dry eyes, and so on.


“PROSE” stands for “Prosthetic Replacement of the Ocular Surface Ecosystem. “These contact lenses are highly specialized lenses used to treat and manage a broad spectrum of ocular diseases.

Orthokeratology, often abbreviated as Ortho-K, is a non-surgical vision correction method that involves wearing specially designed contact lenses to reshape the cornea temporarily.

Customized Artificial Eye

An artificial eye, also known as an ocular prosthesis, is a replacement for a natural eye that has been surgically removed due to damage, disease, or other medical reasons.

Rose K2 Contact Lens

The Rose K2 contact lens is a special type of rigid gas-permeable (RGP) contact lens that is mainly designed for the management of keratoconus.

RGP Contact Lens

GP (Gas Permeable) or RPG (hard Permeable Gas) contact lenses are a form of hard contact lenses. These lenses are used for a number of vision correction objectives.

Myopia Clinic

Myopia management clinics are dedicated practices that focus on the diagnosis, treatment, and provision of therapies aimed at controlling the growth of myopia.

Low Vision aids

Low vision aids are devices made to help people with poor vision or visual impairment to enhance their remnant eyesight while improving their ability to perform routine tasks.

Vision Therapy

Vision therapy is a customized programme of eye exercises and activities designed to boost the comfort, efficiency, and visual processing capacities of the visual system.

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FAQ'S ( Frequently Asked Questions )

Ans) First you need to get a thorough eye examination wherein the contact lens specialist will run few tests based on which he will suggest the perfect lenses for you.

Ans) Yes, scleral lenses are extremely comfortable to wear hard lenses.

Ans) No, the RGP lenses are customized lenses and the lens parameters are decided after a proper lens trial.

Ans) It usually takes 10 to 15 days to get the Rose K lenses.

Ans) It usually takes 2 days for making the artificial eye.

Ans) If the ocular prosthesis is extremely comfortable to wear.

Ans) After wearing Ortho-k lenses overnight one will have clear vision throughout the day (12 to 14 hours)

Ans) Yes it is possible to control myopia progression in kids by using multiple therapies, suggested by the specialist after complete eye examination.

Ashwaq Ali
Ashwaq Ali
Gives maximum time to discuss all the issues. He is very supportive throughout the treatment. Excellent care and counseling, thank you reekham sir
Samim Haaris
Samim Haaris
Reekham did a good job with his suggestions and time
mahendra Usirikayala
mahendra Usirikayala
Absolute clear vision with lenses
Anvitha suggala
Anvitha suggala
Hi Dr.Reekham, Thanks for giving me your attention and making everything a peaceful experience for me. Your kindness gave me more hope than ever, Thanks for ur great patience towards the patients…🙂
Ramakrishna Mavuri
Ramakrishna Mavuri
Nice checkup and treatment here…I like alot
praveen peddi
praveen peddi
My daughter is using CRT for the past 8 years and we got those lenses in US. After relocating to India I was in search of an eye doctor who can do CRT (night time contact lenses) and I came across this facility. Mr.Rekham was hands on in this technology and he tried 3 different sets of customised lenses to get zero residual power and in the third set he achieved the same. Cost wise it is half of what i used to spend on these lenses. He is very polite and caring for his patients. I would love to recommend him for any one who needs CRT. thanks Praveen
Dhrubajyoti Chatterjee
Dhrubajyoti Chatterjee
Reform vision is very good in artificial eye service. Location is nice. Very clean. Customer support very good. I am happy. Thanks .
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