RGP Contact Lens

The rigid gas permeable lens is also known as an RGP lens or GP lens or hard contact lens. It is made up of oxygen-permeable polymers. Rigid lenses replace the natural shape of the cornea with a new refracting surface. Which means RGP lens can provide a good level of vision for people who have distorted corneal shapes by masking irregular corneal curvature. Hence, the RGP contact lens is the first choice for vision correction in keratoconus.


• Provide more oxygen supply to the cornea.
• It can be customized.
• It provides sharp and clear vision.
• The deposit formation on the lens is less when compared to other lenses.
• Easy to handle.
• Cost-effective.
• RGP lenses are easier to care for.
• Can wear lenses for approximately 8 to 14 hours a day.
• Fewer chances of infection when compared to soft contact lenses.
• RGP last longer in comparison to soft contact lenses.


• RGP takes longer to get adapted to.
• Difficulty in fitting for severe keratoconus.
• Not advisable for sensitive eyes.


• Corneal Ectasia (Keratoconus, PMCD, TMCD)
• Corneal Scar
• Post Lasik Ectasia
• S/P Keratoplasty
• S/P Redial keratotomy etc.
• S/P Deep anterior Lamellar keratoplasty

Material and Design:

To prevent corneal hypoxia material with high oxygen transmissibility is selected. RGP lenses are made up of silicon polymers that allow adequate oxygen transmission to the cornea. Design and material vary as per company for example (Material – Flouroperm 90, Boston XO, Boston XO2), or Rose k lenses (Menicon Z material from Menicon Co., Ltd, Nagoya, Japan).

RGP lenses are designed in a way that it has more peripheral curvatures which helps in easy landing onto the cornea. The centre portion of the lens has tear accumulation which masks astigmatism and helps in providing clear vision. Since the RGP lens is smaller in diameter the tear flows freely inside the lens and thus improves oxygen permeability. Modified design of gas permeable contact lens is used for slowing down the progression of myopia. It is worn overnight and known as ortho-k lenses.

Wearing schedule:

For first-time wearers, one should not wear RGP for a longer duration as the eyes take some time to adjust. So start with 2-3 hours a day and gradually increase the duration.

Do’s and Don’ts with RGP Contact Lens:

• Wash your hands thoroughly with mild soap and dry with a lint-free towel.
• Make sure the nails are trimmed. (To reduce the risk of damaging and contaminating the lens)
• Make sure to clean and disinfect the lenses daily (before inserting and after taking them out).
• Rub and rinse the lens and place them on their correct case side.
• Change the solution inside the case each time you place them.
• Close the lid of the case tightly.
• Keep the lens case in a clean and hygienic place.
• Maintain the cleaning routine of the lens even when you are not wearing them.
• Never use tap water to clean the lens.
• Replace the lens case with a new solution bottle.
• Do not change the lens solution without consulting your practitioner.
• While wearing make-up remember to insert the lens first (before applying) and remove it first (before removing).
• Never swim with contact lenses.
• Never take bath with lenses on.
• Never swap lenses.

Whenever you feel any discomfort in your vision with the lenses, or redness or irritation with lenses consult your contact lens consultant.

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