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A variety of remedial procedures are included at Reform Vision Eye Care Services with the goal of maintaining and enhancing eye health. These services are usually provided by eye care professionals. Aspects of eye care services include the following:

Our Specialty Services

Reform Vision provide a wide range of eye care services. General eye examinations, specialty contact lenses, custom-made artificial eyes, low vision aids and vision treatment are among the services we provide.

Scleral Lens

Scleral lenses have a larger diameter medical devices and are useful in addressing visual difficulties caused by corneal disorders such as keratoconus, dry eyes, and so on.


“PROSE” stands for “Prosthetic Replacement of the Ocular Surface Ecosystem. “These contact lenses are highly specialized lenses used to treat and manage a broad spectrum of ocular diseases.

Orthokeratology, often abbreviated as Ortho-K, is a non-surgical vision correction method that involves wearing specially designed contact lenses to reshape the cornea temporarily.

Artificial Eye

An artificial eye, also known as an ocular prosthesis, is a replacement for a natural eye that has been surgically removed due to damage, disease, or other medical reasons.

Rose K2 Contact Lens

The Rose K2 contact lens is a special type of rigid gas-permeable (RGP) contact lens that is mainly designed for the management of keratoconus.

RGP Contact Lens

GP (Gas Permeable) or RPG (hard Permeable Gas) contact lenses are a form of hard contact lenses. These lenses are used for a number of vision correction objectives.

Myopia Clinic

Myopia management clinics are dedicated practices that focus on the diagnosis, treatment, and provision of therapies aimed at controlling the growth of myopia.

Low Vision aids

Low vision aids are devices made to help people with poor vision or visual impairment to enhance their remnant eyesight while improving their ability to perform routine tasks.

Vision Therapy

Vision therapy is a customized programme of eye exercises and activities designed to boost the comfort, efficiency, and visual processing capacities of the visual system.