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Is a widely-held false belief about contact lens wearing stopping you from trying them on? These beliefs grow from a misleading knowledge/information or from someone who had an unusual experience about contact lens. Instead of talking about current design and technology of contact lens, many myths are based upon the older designs/technologies. So in this article, we will explore some of the widely known myths and facts about contact lens.

Let’s categorize myths and facts about contact lens.

Myth: Contact lenses are difficult to insert and remove.

Fact: For a beginner, yes but it takes a couple of days to master the art of inserting and removing contact lenses. It’s just like cooking or riding a vehicle or anything you did for the first time versus 20th time. So just keep calm and practice you will learn soon.

Myth: Wearing contact lenses daily causes eye problems can

Fact: Wearing the right type of contact lenses and maintaining proper hygiene does not cause eye problem. Before starting with lenses one has to get an eye check-up done thoroughly and with practitioner’s consult use contact lenses. Because remember, not all lenses suit everyone, for example, say your friend is using yearly disposable lenses but when you wear them after 2-3 months you feel uncomfortable this doesn’t mean you can’t wear lenses rather you can switch to monthly or daily disposable.

Myth: Contact lenses are extremely uncomfortable

Fact: Contact lenses these days are made up of high oxygen transmissibility material like silicone hydrogel etc. This helps to nourish the cornea and provide the comfort of wearing. Also, the lenses are designed to be as comfortable as possible. Earlier due to lack of technology it is possible that lens wearing could be uncomfortable.

Myth: Contact lenses can get stuck behind the eye

Fact: The white portion of the eye called sclera is covered with conjunctiva (amembrane). This conjunctiva lines the inner portion of upper and lower eyelids and folds back covering the sclera. Due to this, the lens can’t get stuck behind the eye.

Myth: Contact lenses cannot be worn by the people above 40 years.

Fact: There is no age limit for wearing contact lens. These days contact lens comes with options of multifocal or bifocals, which means for people who require a prescription for near as well as for distance viewing.

Myth: Contact lenses cannot be worn by the people below 18 years.

Fact: As discussed there is no age limit for wearing the contact lens. Prescribing contact lens is your clinician’s decision as it needs careful handling. Contact lenses are available with various wearing modalities like monthly disposable, biweekly disposable, daily disposable etc. So depends upon the age and maturity of the patient a contact lens can be successfully prescribed.

Myth: Contact lenses require a lot of maintenance

Fact: Maintenance of the contact lens is not as difficult as it seems. The lenses are easy to clean and maintain proper guidance will be provided by your eye care professional. If one chooses to use daily disposable than one need not have to worry at all for maintaining them.

Myth: Contact lenses are too expensive

Fact: No, contact lenses are not too expensive. Except for daily disposable and specialty contact lens (the one used in a particular eye condition).

Myth: Wearing makeup with contact lens is not recommended.

Fact: It is possible to wear makeup with contact lens but with a little care. Makeup particles get deposited over the lens surface while wearing makeup, so to avoid that make sure to wear the contact lens first before applying any makeup product. Same applies while removing the contact lens, first remove the contact lens and then makeup. Just remember “First in, first-out”.

Myth: Astigmatism means wearing contact lenses is not possible

Fact: Astigmatism can be corrected by a specially designed contact lens named toric contact lens or with rgp contact lens. These are available in a large power range along with various wearing modalities like daily disposable, monthly disposable etc. One can choose to depend upon their preference. If you still feel that contact lenses can be difficult to deal with still get a trial lens and try them on. Contact lenses are available in the market in with different wearing modalities like conventional (yearly), monthly, bi-weekly and daily disposable. As per your choice and budget, you can get a pair of contact lens. For any other queries feel free to discuss with your eye care practitioner.



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