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Scleral lenses are special contact lenses that are prescribed for patients with keratoconus or ocular surface disorders. These rigid gas permeable contact Lens have a wide diameter that extends beyond the corneal surface, which makes them comfortable and effective for people with irregular corneas. In the beginning, many of our patients with scleral lenses find it difficult to insert and remove. However, after a short training and practice in insertion and removal along with caring for your scleral lenses, it’s easy!


• Begin with thoroughly washing your hands with mild soap and dry off with a clean lint free towel, preserving healthy habits.

• Now, remove the lens from the lens case (dipped in cleaning solution overnight) and rinse with saline/solution.

• Fill the lens bowl with a saline. And, follow with your suitable insertion procedure either with suction tool or tripod method.

• Suction tool method: Place the lens on the tip of the scleral suction tool. Keep your face parallel to the ground (horizontally) and look into a flat mirror. With your dominant hand lift the upper lid, and using middle finger of the other hand hold the lower lid open. Now place the lens onto the eye, once the saline touches cornea gently push the lens and release the suction pressing onto the suction tool. The lens will be placed and repeat for the other eye.

Tripod method: Place the lens onto the middle finger, index finger and thumb. Look downwards towards the mirror keeping face horizontally. Use one hand to open your eyelids, and place the lens in your eye with the other hand. Once you sense the saline against your eye, press gently and let go. The lens will be placed and repeat for the other eye.

• If you drop the lens, than keep the lens in your palm and rinse thoroughly with saline solution for 5 seconds.

• In case of discomfort remove the lens, rinse and reinsert it. This may be due to the following reasons if the lens is not in placed properly, or if a foreign body is trapped below the lens like an eyelash or make-up pigment.

• Begin with thoroughly washing your hands with mild soap and dry off with a clean lint free towel.

• Method 1: Wet the tip of the plunger with saline. Hold the lower eyelid with the finger of the other hand. Place the plunger on the bottom of the lens and pull the plunger up and out. After removing the lens, carefully press on the edge of the suction tool and it will come off easily and place it into the respective lens case.


• Method 2: Place fingers on the upper and lower eyelids near the eyelashes and open the eye wider than the lens diameter. Now push the lower eyelid under the lens edge to break the seal. The lens will pop out so catch it with a clean towel immediately. Place the lens in the case, repeat for the other eye.

If you are interested in scleral lenses and would like to know more about whether they are right for you, please make an appointment or contact us.


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