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1. Start with washing your hands thoroughly using a mild soap and drying them with a lint-free towel.
2. Now remove the lens from the lens case and place it on your palm. Examine them for any signs of damage or deposits on the lens.
3. Add one drop of the prescribed multipurpose solution and gently rub the solution over the lens with the help of a finger. Repeat on the other side and rinse it thoroughly.
4. Sit comfortably in front of the mirror and place the lens onto the tip of your index finger of your preferred hand.
5. Now gently pull your lower lid down with the middle finger of the same hand.
6. Pull your upper lid up using the middle finger of the other hand holding it firm while opening the eye wide. The firm hold of the upper eyelid is necessary to prevent blinking.
7. Gently place the lens on your eye while firmly holding both eyelids in position.
8. After the lens is placed, let go of your lower eyelid first and then gently close your upper eyelid.
9. Now since the lens is in your eye, close your eyes slowly and blink a few times (a few gentle blinks is important to make the lenses feel more comfortable).
10. Repeat the above-mentioned steps for the other eye.
11. Throw away the solution from your case, rinse it with a multipurpose solution and leave it upside down on a clean surface to air dry.


1. Start with washing your hands thoroughly using a mild soap and drying them with a lint-free towel.
2. Sit comfortably in front of the mirror.
3. Open the lens case and fill it with the prescribed multipurpose solution.

Removal method one:

1. Look straight and press the edge of your lower eyelid against the eyeball below the contact lens.

2. Lift your upper eyelid above the contact lens and then gently push it down over the eyeball until the eye is shut. The lens will be pushed out and resting between the eyelashes.

Removal method two:

1. Look straight and open your eye as wide as possible.
2. Place your index finger at the outer corner of your eye (near the junction of the upper and lower eyelid) and pull your eyelids tight over towards your ear.
3. This leads to blinking and the lens will come out.

Removal method three:

1. If you are not comfortable with methods 1 and2, a suction holder can be used.
2. Wet the end of the suction holder with multipurpose and place onto the contact lens while looking into the mirror. The suction holder mustn’t be placed directly onto the surface of the eye.
3. Pull gently so that the lens comes out from the eye.
4. Now remove the suction holder from the lens by pinching the edge of the suction that is in contact with the lens.

Re-centring a displaced lens:

In case if the lens moves onto the white portion of your eye the steps for re-centration are as follows:
1. Pull the lower eyelid down.
2. If the lens is displaced below the cornea, hold the upper eyelid then place one or two fingers onto the lower eyelid margin and gently push the lens back onto the cornea.
3. If the lens is not below the cornea, then it is either under the upper eyelid or it has fallen out.
4. If the lens is under the upper eyelid than look down towards the floor and gently touch the skin of the upper eyelid to find the lens. Now gently massage the area near lens moving it down until it can be seen. Once the lens is visible try the convenient removal method. Otherwise, follow the below-mentioned method:

• If you cannot find the lens in your eye, consult your contact lens practitioner immediately. Remember the lens cannot go behind your eyeball.


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