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Scleral contact lenses are established for daily wear and should be disinfected and cleaned daily at night. For cleaning purpose a lens cleaner is recommended by the practitioner.

Following are the steps for cleaning and maintaining the scleral lenses:-
1. For lens cleaning after removal of the lens, place the lens in your palm, now pour some multipurpose solution over the lens and rub for minimum 10 – 15 seconds on both the sides followed by rinsing with the lens cleaner. To clean the inside of the lens, rub from the centre to the outer edge(This helps to remove microbes, parasites, cosmetic deposits and debris from the lens surface).
2. Now fill the lens case with the solution and soak the lens overnight.
3. Remember open only one cap of lens case at a time to avoid the exchange of lens into the eye.
4. Change the multipurpose solution of the lens case at night time every day before removing the lens.
5. In case if the lens falls on the ground, do not move, search the lens first. Then put a drop of saline over removal plunger, place it over the lens surface and pick it up. If you drag it may cause scratches on the lens.
6. Do not keep the lens anywhere except in the case. It may lead to contamination of the lens, which increases the risk for eye infection.
7. One can also use H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide 3%) once in a week:- Keep the lens for at least 6 hours (preferably overnight) into the H2O2 solution, then clean the lens properly with a multipurpose solution in the morning/before wearing.
8. Do not change the solution brand unless recommended.
9. Use a sterile, single-use, preservative-free saline solution is to fill scleral contact lens (It helps to hydrate the cornea).


Maintenance of the plunger is must as any particle of dust present on them gets transferred to the scleral lens contaminate them increasing the risk of eye infections. Hence, cleaning the plungers is as important as the lens.

For cleaning plungers take rubbing alcohol onto the sterile/clean medical-grade cotton, now wipe the whole plunger and air dry them daily.


Cleaning and maintaining of the lens case are also must as using unhygienic/dirty case increases the risk of eye infections by contaminating the lens surface.

Following are the steps for cleaning of the lens case:-

1. Pour multipurpose solution/lens cleaner over the lens case and rub with the help of your fingers.
2. Now rinse the lens case thoroughly with saline.
3. With the help of a clean tissue wipe the lens case vigorously. As this scale down the biofilm formed due to overnight soaking the lens.
4. Now leave the case open in a clean place (avoid placing outdoor/near window) to air dry.
5. Lens case must be replaced at least after every 3 months or every time a new bottle of multipurpose solution is opened.

• Following the proper lens cleaning, routine one can not only remove debris/deposits from the lens but also helps in maintaining their lens surface.
• Before wearing, after cleaning the lens with multipurpose solution pour 2-3 drops of saline over the lens to make the lens surface chemical-free (as sometime multipurpose solution give stinging sensation immediately after inserting the lens into the eye).
• Scleral lenses should not be exposed to water to avoid contamination. Bacteria, fungi etc. present in tap water may transfer to the lens and get trapped in the liquid reservoir behind the lens while wearing causing severe contamination.

• Do not sleep and bath with the lenses on.
• In case of any unusual redness, swelling/soreness, vision loss or pain any time while wearing the lens, REMOVE your lenses and call your eye care professional immediately.

Proper cleaning and disinfecting scleral contact lens, plungers and case plays a pivotal role in keeping your eyes healthy.

If you are interested in scleral lenses and would like to know more about whether they are right for you, please make an appointment or contact us.


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