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Scleral Contact Lens in kolkata

Scleral lenses are like super-sized contact lenses that cover more of your eye than regular ones. They go over the entire surface of your cornea and rest on the white part of your eye called the sclera.

These lenses are designed to give you clear vision and make you feel comfy even if you have irregular corneas.


Scleral lenses do their magic by creating a little pool of fluid over your cornea. This not only helps to fix your vision but also gives you a nice smooth surface to look through. The cushion of fluid between the lens and your cornea also protects your delicate eye tissue. So if you have irregular corneas or other cornea related issues, these lenses can really improve your vision.

Why Should You Consider Scleral Lenses?

Well, let me tell you, scleral lenses are a game-changer! They offer unbeatable comfort along with crystal-clear vision, even if you have irregular corneas.

If you struggle with dry eyes, scleral lenses are your new best friend. They keep your corneas nice and hydrated, so you can say goodbye to that irritating dryness. Plus, these lenses work wonders for a whole range of vision issues, like astigmatism and keratoconus.

Scleral lenses don’t just improve your vision, they also promote eye health. By ensuring that your corneas get the proper oxygen flow they need to stay healthy.

Different types of scleral contact lenses:

1. Quadant Specific or Toric Scleral Lenses:
These lenses are specially designed to fix astigmatism by providing different powers in different meridians.

2. Software-based scleral lenses, also known as Latitude:
These high-tech lenses use fancy software to customize their fit and vision correction. It’s like having a personalized lens just for you!

3. Impression-based scleral lenses, also known as EyePrintPRO:
These lenses are custom-made using impressions of your eye, giving you a perfect fit. They’re particularly great for those with irregular corneas.

Which type of scleral lens is right for me?

This depends upon factors like your specific eye condition, lifestyle, and personal preferences. That’s where consulting with an eye care professional comes in. They’ll help you figure out the best option for you.

Why Should You See a Specialist?

If you’re looking for the best fit and prescription for scleral lenses to ensure optimal comfort and vision correction, it’s essential to seek the expertise of a specialist.

Why Choose Reform Vision for Scleral Lenses?

Here at Refom Vision, we put your eye health and vision needs first. Dr. Reekham Lal is a specialist in fitting scleral lenses, and you can count on personalized care and expert guidance when you visit us in Kolkata.

Conditions Where Scleral Lenses Are Beneficial:

Scleral lenses are a game-changer for several challenging eye conditions, such as:
– Keratoconus
– Irregular astigmatism
– Dry eye syndrome
– Corneal ectasia
– Post-refractive surgery complications
– Corneal scarring

Scleral Lens Maintenance:

To keep your scleral lenses in top-notch condition, follow these maintenance tips:

– Clean your lenses daily using the recommended solutions.
– Thoroughly rinse your lenses before and after wearing them.
– Use a proper storage case and replace the solution every day.
– Avoid using tap water on your lenses.
– Make sure to attend regular check-ups with your eye care professional.
– Replace your lenses as per your eye care provider’s recommendations.
– Handle your lenses with clean hands to prevent contamination.
– Follow the specific care instructions provided by your eye care provider.
– When swimming or using hot tubs, it’s best to avoid wearing your lenses.
– If you experience any discomfort or notice redness, promptly remove your lenses and consult your eye care professional.

By following these guidelines, you’ll ensure that your scleral lenses provide you with the comfort and improved vision you deserve.
So, why wait? Say hello to comfortable, clear vision and improved eye health with scleral lenses.
Trust me, your eyes will thank you!